Friday, September 25, 2009

I just don't like buffets --- should I be allowed to live in Las Vegas?

That's the question.

And why don't I like them? Usually, the food is substandard and they require too much effort. If I'm paying to go out to eat, I'd rather sit and have someone bring my meal to me.

HOWEVER --- my parents invited us to the Bellagio buffet in celebration of their anniversary, so we went along.

Bellagio's CFO might say different, but I can't see evidence of a recession once inside the casino. There seemed to be a LOT of people bellied up to the poker tables.

My notes on the buffet:

1) This was the PERFECT time to experiment with sushi. It was a no-lose situation. If I liked the stuff, I could eat my fill of it. If I didn't, I could leave it behind in favor of more traditional fare and not have to go home hungry. I tried seven to ten kinds of sushi. Especially with a couple of the salmon types, I thought, "this is just so much yummier COOKED!" So there you have it.

2) I have never before seen elk meat at a buffet. That was a first.

3) Who wastes their time on salad when there are approximately fifty kinds of seafood?

4) I had thirds on cantaloupe, of all things. Wouldn't have guessed that. (Who wastes time on cantaloupe when there are approximately fifty kinds of seafood?)

5) Dessert was scrumptious. In a bold move, I went back after dessert for more shrimp. Why not? (That's the motto of a buffet.)

6) That "why not" attitude will put the pounds on faster than ten Big Macs.

7) On our way out we saw not one but TWO brides, resplendent in their white floor-length gowns and waiting in the buffet line with their grooms and attendants. Viva Las Vegas!
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