Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wayne, the super-tall Dillard's employee

My mom and I were shopping at Dillard's. She was looking for some clothes and for a washing machine. In the appliances section, this sales associate guy was kind of giving her the brush-off, which annoyed me, but more than that I was noticing his fair complexion, extreme height, and apparent age (old enough to be my father).

I mentioned my observation to my mom and next thing you know we were sitting in on a Dillard's employee/community meeting. After the first part of the meeting, tall-father-possibility-guy ended up sitting right between my mom and me and we found out his name was Wayne. I was trying my hardest to muster the courage to ask him if he could have possibly fathered a child in mid-1970 when a woman in the row in front of us turned around and asked him, "Is it possible that you could have fathered a child in the mid-60s?" He said yes! Still in shock, I heard my mom whisper to Wayne while gesturing to me, "She wants to ask you something."

So I asked him, "Could you also have fathered a child born in 1970?" And he said no. The next thing I remember, my mom and I were walking in an industrial neighborhood surrounded by warehouses and factories outside Dillard's and she was telling me she was sure I'd find my birth father someday.

Then I woke up.

I wonder if it's my natural and prescription drug cocktail that is to blame for my vivid dreams of late.
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