Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On my mind on 9-9-09

1. Only 2 months and 2 days until 11-11

2. I remember 28 years ago today. I was in 6th grade and our teacher told us it was "square root day" - 9-9-81.

3. Good movie quote with nine in it: David Spade to Chris Farley in "Tommy Boy", "Did I catch a 'niner' in there?" (Anyone but me like this movie?)

4. My nine favorite words for today: squash, malady, addled, trite, perpendicular, quasi, truncate, episode, and asinine.

5. Nine things I'm waiting for: our caterpillars to arrive; next week's shrink appointment; cooler weather; a decision about our Winter vacation; a good book to read; the (live) scorpion on top of my refrigerator (in a jar) to be identified; a race to run; dinner to make itself; the desire to paint again.

6. A memory from when I was nine years old: being best friends with Stephanie and ditching P.E. together, except on swimming days.

7. Where I want to be in nine years: Home from delivering Joseph to college!

8. Nine items on my grocery list (for this evening): salad, onion, bread, feta cheese, fruit, steak, Spaghettios, sweet potatoes, au jus mix.

9. The ninth disciple named in Matthew 10: James the son of Alphaeus.


littlecbsmom said...

Honestly, when I realized the date, I thought to my self....Teri will have a blog about this today:)

What the hec do you do with feta cheese?

Beth said...

Of course you would blog about the date. I love reading your blog. Your personality comes through. I miss you!

heathorock said...

happy belated 9/9. i'm usually much more on top of this sort of thing. i can't believe you mentioned joe going to college. that is bizarre. true, but bizarre.
and yes, i LOVE tommy boy!