Monday, September 28, 2009

Not to give you nightmares...

...but take a look what we're up against:

That's our freaky friend the Arizona Bark Scorpion. In case you're not inclined to follow that link, let me share the most precious gems from Wikipedia:

1)The female usually gives birth to between 25-35 young, (and) Arizona bark scorpions may live up to 6 years.

2)Bark scorpions, like most other scorpions, are incredibly resilient. Lab experiments have frozen the scorpions for weeks, and after being thawed, the scorpions emerged unharmed. During US nuclear testing, scorpions, along with cockroaches and lizards, were found near ground zero with no recorded adverse effects.

3)Bark scorpions do not burrow, and are commonly found in homes, requiring only 1/16th of an inch for entry.

4)Centuroides scorpions are unusual in that they are the only genus in the southwest that can climb walls, trees, and other objects with a sufficiently rough surface. Bark scorpions practice negative geotaxis, preferring an upside down orientation, which often results in people being stung due to the scorpion being on the underside of an object.

Quite a formidable foe, eh? Kevin purchased a couple UV-LED flashlights to be able to spot the suckers and launch an attack to reclaim our home.

It's gotten a little out of hand. He has taken to recording his scorpion kill right along with my fertility signs. Yes, that's right... since we use Natural Family Planning and he does the charting (that's a prescribed part of Creighton - I highly recommend it) he thought it a convenient place to keep track of his hunting success. Therefore, I can tell you that in less than two weeks, he has captured and killed TWENTY-TWO scorpions... IN OUR YARD! The photo above was taken by Kevin with the help of the UV-LED light and a tripod. Rest in peace, you death-monger.

And you all go have a good night, now. Sweet dreams.
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