Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Out

My day off is also a day out but let's focus on the "out" part right now since I've been "in" a lot with homeschooling (not a bad thing at all - but I did like the change of scenery).

Started off the day at church for a morning of recollection (a mini-retreat) - part of Opus Dei. Afterward, two of the women I know from Moms' Group and I went out to Pei Wei for lunch and had a great talk about everything from Jesus' forgiveness to airplane travel with toddlers. Great food, too.

From there I wandered through Whole Foods. All I needed was some Evening Primrose Oil, so the joy of the visit was the wandering. Wandering (in a store, anyway) is a rare luxury with young children.

Spent some time at the library. A biography sounded good to me, but when I ruled out reading about actors or politicians, it doesn't leave much so I sat down with some of our current Pope's writings (that Kevin had tucked in my tote bag). I read a short "essay" on the Acts 2 church and community in general and then I stared out the window. I wanted to sit. Not shop, not even wander through any more stores so I headed for a movie theater.

Paid to see "The Proposal" and moseyed to the theater. I was the only one there so I had my pick of seats. When I sat down and put my head back, I realized that a movie was exactly what I needed. Had to ask myself if I was nervous to be the only person in a dark theater, but decided I wasn't. And I laughed at Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and had fun pretending I was with them in Sitka, Alaska.

Then it was dinnertime. Chipotle again. That place is fantastic - both the food and the seating arrangement for me since I usually sit and read. My only complaint is portion size. Sheesh! Can't they do a half-size bowl? I noted that besides me, there were three other people dining alone - all men. Two sat there staring into space and one had newspapers spread all over his table. I read a book on fathering of all things. Kevin read it, and so did Rich and Kristi and they all want to talk about it so I dove in while enjoying my chicken bowl.

My best memory from the day - sitting alone and relaxed in a movie theater. My best spiritual refreshment - Mass after the retreat. My funniest moment - being seated at Mass between Vicki, who is a paid cantor for our diocese and Andrea who is part of the Gregorian chant group at our church: Both sing MARVELOUSLY. I don't, but it sure sounded pretty to stand between them! And my best revelation - from my friend Vicki who called homeschooling my new baby: it's tiring me out and causing HUGE adjustments, but overall quite a joy. I can take all those things with me into the coming days.
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