Monday, January 4, 2010

First Post of 2010

Too many unrelated things are going on in my world to comprise a coherent post. So you get an incoherent post. Lucky you!

I wrote to my current favorite blogger, Mark Shea about his writing (including his Mary books, of which I've finished one volume). And he wrote me back! Granted, his reply was brief, nothing to hang on the wall and exclaim about, but still...

Step-mom bought me leggings for Christmas. Nice ones. But I have nothing to wear with leggings. Last time I wore leggings, I paired them with my boyfriend's sweatshirt and some Esprit shoes and the year was 1987. Today, all my other pants were in the laundry, so I wore the leggings. All day I have felt like a nerd. I'm wearing them wrong --- not in keeping with 2010 style. Either I need to purchase an appropriate tunic, long sweater, or use them solely for running pants (and probably still feel dorky in them).

Today is the feast day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Bethanie's favorite saint. Normally we have dessert and invite neighbors over for special saints' days, but tonight it's Rice Krispie treats and a little reading of her biography. Here's a good quote of hers: "Live simply, that others might simply live."

Joe Peterson is a long-time friend of Kevin's, stood up in our wedding, and is currently living and working in Kenya. Read a touching (and wild) story of how he spent his first hours of 2010 in this post.

We're back to school around here after two weeks off (and a weak week before that) so I was anxious about getting back into the groove. Today went well, though. Hoping for the same the rest of the week.

And perhaps I'll get my thoughts together for future posts.
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