Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best Friends

Tonight at dinner, my step-mom asked me about my best friend. I probably looked at her a little funny because I wasn't sure how to answer. Does every other forty year-old woman have a best friend? I don't know if I can put one person in this category, and "best" implies one, right?

I have fantastic friends. Old friends, new friends, phone friends, Christmas card friends, facebook friends, invite to birthday party friends, Church friends, college friends, neighborhood friends, homeschool friends, homebirth friends, reader friends, adventurous friends. Many friends cross over into multiple categories, of course.

The question intrigued me so much that I got quiet. I just sat there munching on a rib and pondering the answer. (We ate at Famous Dave's. That was my second time. It's pretty tasty.)

I came home and tried to figure out how I'd define a best friend. Is it simply the person you like the most? I can't rank people that way. I admire those who can - who have simple enough lives and thinking.

I decided a best friend would probably like the same things as me, and like to spend time with me. We'd have to share at least a few key opinions (though I have friends who don't). And then out of those thoughts rose this image of... (drum roll here)... ME. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! That's WAY too Oprah Winfrey-ish! Me as my own best friend? Well, it kinda makes sense. There's no one else that I have so much in common with. And I do like spending time with me. But when I set out thinking about this, I in no way thought I'd end up here.

Perhaps my first move should be to buy one of those cutesy frames with "Best Friends" engraved on the border - and feature a photo of myself! Or select a best friend charm - and wear both halves!!! I'll take myself out to coffee more often. Start talking out loud to myself. Invite myself on a girls' night out!

Good golly. If any of you, my friends, my blog readers, are still willing to call me your friend after this kooky post - you're a keeper!

I think I'll go to bed now and mull over this some more. At the same time, I can think about what to get my new best friend for Christmas!


Katie and Mark said...

LOL I think you may be onto something. I had a pretty hard time defining the "friend thing" when I first moved out to Vegas. I had always had my Mom, and my sisters, and they were my BEST friends. I had other friends/aquaintances, but the relationships with my sisters were just so easy. Natural. My best friends for sure. The best part was no matter what they did, I'd still love them to death :)

When I moved out here, it was complicated. I actually had to find friends. I then stuck to myself and my kids-my four little mini-best-friends. :) I promise not to laugh at your framed "Best Friend" picture of yourself, if you don't laugh when you see mine with my kids in it. Ü Plus, I see nothing wrong with you POV.

janelle said...

I never thought of it that way, but who could be your best friend but yourself? I mean who do you tell absolutely everything too? Not even your husband really. I would say that my best friend is Chris, then my mother.
Can I tell you how much I long for a best friend, like when we were in school. I had a bad parting of way with my last one my senior year of high school that left me very intimidated of women for a long time. (FYI - If Kevin remembers that is why I hung out with guys in college.)
I have actually begun praying for a "best friend". I actually know other women that have them. Aside from that, if you add up all of the qualities in my current girlfriends they would make some super-giant-transformer-type of best friend, because there are qualities in each of them that I love.

heather said...

I'm a keeper! :) And I LOVE your picture!

heathorock said...

i think i will still be your (not best) friend. ha ha
yes is it one person or many -- that is the question
a literalist (engineer) would say one person
a humanities major might define it more loosely
i'm glad you're decided
or if you take over dave barry's columns, this could be the photo they post of you!