Monday, December 6, 2010

In The End...

... I didn't wear the exact same outfit this year as I did last year to Kevin's company party. But I also didn't buy anything. My sharp-dressed friend, Kelly, loaned me a blouse and a sweater to wear with last year's skirt. I finished off the whole flowy ensemble with Kelly's necklace, Cayna's choice of earrings, my hair down, and some brown sparkly lipgloss. For the record, I was WAY more comfortable than I was in the tighter, lower-cut top from last year. And I preferred the neutral lip gloss to the bright-red lipstick that, with my skin, makes me look at best like a porcelain doll - and at worst like a prostitute.

Other details on the party - we had a good time! I thoroughly enjoyed my sea bass, had great fun and laughs with our whole table, and honored Kevin as his ten years with the company were recognized and rewarded. And thanks to the white elephant gift exchange, we brought home this little treasure:

You have to have seen "A Christmas Story" to recognize this. I think it's a tasteful, elegant addition to our bedroom.

All in all, it was a nice night. Thanks for all the help with my outfit - I remembered everyone's advice as I got ready and went to the party. I think NOT buying a new outfit took a lot of pressure off of myself and off the whole event in general. I was better able to relax and party!
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