Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fashion Questions Thursday

It's Thursday, and that means Fashion Questions! (Just kidding. Thursday just means Thursday. Sometimes I like to pretend I have a thematic talk show. Hence the home episode yesterday.) But I do have some fashion questions to pose to the studio audience (see? it's hard to let go of).

1) It's housecleaning day. On housecleaning day, I often opt to wear sweats. I happen to have some UNLV Rebels sweatpants. Today I paired them with my Penn shirt. So here's my question - if I wear an Ivy League t-shirt with sweatpants from a commuter party school, does it upset anything in the university cosmos? Does it balance things out that the pants are fairly new, while the Penn shirt is worn and slightly stained?

2) Kevin's company Christmas party is Saturday night. Last year, I purchased a flowing black skirt, red blouse, jewelry and shoes for the occasion. I then wore the same outfit to Christmas Eve Mass. I then hung the outfit in my closet where it has been ever since. I'm wondering - can I wear the same outfit again this year? I'm guessing such a question makes some women shudder. But considering there are people out of work... considering I have only so much money to cover all pre-Christmas purchases and charitable donations... considering I HATE shopping and DETEST the idea of having to go out again and choose another one-time wear outfit... can't I get away with this? In the name of frugality? Practicality? It can't have gone out of style yet. And how many people will remember my outfit from last year? Well, maybe I underestimate myself. Maybe all eyes were on me. In that case, shouldn't it count that I'm not a First Lady or a Royal or a movie star? Can't an engineer's wife wear the same get-up two years in a row and still maintain her dignity? Or not?

That's all for today. These heavy questions deserve some time for consideration.


Maryann said...

I found out years ago that no one else really cares what we do they only care about themselves, I found that really freeing. I thought about it and I found I really didn't care what some else's hair looked like as long as it was presentable so they don't care about mine. They also don't care whether we wear the same outfit, they really only care about theirs. So go to that party and enjoy it even more because you didn't have to go shopping and spend money on something you didn't really need or want.

Teri said...

I like that advice. And I think I'll take it!

Blah Blah Blayla said...

"Confidence is the best accessory" I made that up, but putting it in quotes made it feel more sage-like. =)

Katie and Mark said...

I'd wear the same thing. :) Have fun!

littlecbsmom said...

I agree on wearing the same thing! one is going to remember what you wore last year! I would recommend a change in hair for the evening for the photo op anyway;)

Have a great time!

QueenP said...

I would buy a different piece of statement jewelry, then wear the same outfit. That way your are still being frugal while getting to purchase new jewelry!! Even if it's cheap costume jewelry, it's still fun!

heathorock said...

what's the christmas party like? my personal suggestion is borrow a different shirt and some jewelry from friends. frugal solution. the skirt sounds like it could go with many things. or you could wear the same thing. or you could borrow a whole outfit from someone.
just some ideas.
but yes, do what you feel best about (and not what you think other people feel best about).
the roommate i had in china had a few shirts, a few pants and sweaters (or maybe two of each) and one pair of shorts. she would say, wear what you have, i'm positive.