Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Questionnaire

What was the best gift you gave? We gave tickets to my in-laws to see Jersey Boys on the Strip. We never have ideas for them, so this was a nice change.

What was the best gift you received? I have to list three: my new iPhone; a "published" version of my blog; and a vase to replace one I really really really liked a lot that got hit by a stray football and smashed about a month ago. Kevin and Joe are to thank (for the gifts, not the stray football).

What did your mother-in-law give you? (If you have no mother-in-law, what did your sibling give you? If you have no sibling, what is the most unique gift you received?) A new toaster oven.

What was a meaningful spiritual memory from Christmas 2010? Other than being at Mass and really focusing on Jesus, I had a few times in the midst of the pre-holiday madness where I was able to stop and realize my thankfulness for the gifts I'm able to enjoy because of Jesus' life and forgiveness - primarily my children, but especially my relationships with my parents, which are often hard for me.

Furthermore, it was ONLY because of Jesus that I invited my in-laws to join us this year - for the first time since Kevin and I were married 12 years ago. It went wonderfully, as things tend to do when you follow Jesus. And I don't mean that in a circumstantial way - it was still difficult, but I enjoyed the peace in my heart that resulted.

Best Christmas movie you watched this year? Elf. No question.

What was the most stressful memory from Christmas 2010? I forgot to buy John's rollerskates. All three other kids got theirs, and I totally intended to buy them for John. I even got him the knee and elbow pads, but forgot the skates after being in two stores looking for them. He kept asking on Christmas, "when will my skates be here?" Thankfully, he got a little skateboard, so the pads weren't totally random. Poor fourth kid. I already often forget to order for him at restaurants.

Best Christmas baking? Kevin's Dunking Platters. They win the award partly because I don't like them that much so I don't gobble them all up. Everyone else seems to enjoy them.

P.S. My kids seemed to start to "get" giving this year. All three of the older kids had amazingly thoughtful ideas for their siblings, and for Kevin and me, that warmed my heart. In Joe's case, he even had the finances to purchase the gifts himself.

I would love to hear others' answers to these questions in the comments box or on your own blog.

Merry Christmas! (For Catholics, Christmas isn't even half over yet - so keep celebrating!)

Here's my Christmas princess wearing her new roller blades and the accompanying red, white, and blue tiara from her long-ago Fourth of July program at school. She got a 3-foot tube of bubble gum for Christmas, and is chewing some here. If she looks inappropriately dressed to those of you in colder climes, it was 55+ and sunny on our Christmas day.


Andrea said...

That was very interesting to read!

Ok I am going to try this here and hope its not so long it gets cut off!

What was the best gift you gave?
A home-made apron, to my sister.

What was the best gift you received?
A book of motets (sacred music).

What did your mother-in-law give you?
A brooch that was refashioned using her mother's pearls. That was awesome.

What was a meaningful spiritual memory from Christmas 2010?
Christmas Mass. My parents and sister came. My dad coming was nothing short of a miracle of Christ. I still can't believe he really came. And sat through the entire Mass (though he did go get a jacket from the car during the 1st reading because for some reason the air was on in the church and it was freezing. But he came back immediately!)

Best Christmas movie you watched this year?
I didn't watch any movies! But if I could have, I would have watched Love Actually. I love that movie.

What was the most stressful memory from Christmas 2010?
Fortunately there wasn't a lot of stress. Maybe that the 26th after a fun evening of wine, laughter and conversation Phillip and my mom got in a heated discussion about how moms have it really hard because of the no sleep, 24/7 work...and Phillip thought dads have it just as hard. And my mom was trying to tell him no matter how hard it is, it is not the same as being on call 24/7. That did not go over well. (but she was right. LOL)

Best Christmas baking? Can I call it baking? It was Salted Fudge. 10.5 oz of semi-sweet chocolate with 1 can of fat-free sweetened condensed milk and a pinch of sea salt... melted/ mixed together and chilled. Then I cut it into 1 inch squares and sprinkled more sea salt on top. It was DELISH!! And the whole thing took me all of 5 minutes.

Merry Christmas!

Blah Blah Blayla said...

Thanks for the prompt. Just finished the questionnaire on my blog. Looking forward to hanging out and for our iPhone and photo adventure today... and I'm glad to hear that you were able to experience peace with all the parents.

Steve Finnell said...

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heathorock said...

what is a published blog?

daniellaz said...

What did you use to publish your blog?

littlecbsmom said...

I might try to tackle this...sounds like fun! Great ideas and I am so glad you published your blog. Looks like you will have to blog the details for all of us wondering;)