Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Life in Verbs

I'm copying Layla with this verb idea. If you happen to go check out her blog, she has an especially neat post about a tree right after the verb post (therefore above it on the page). Yep, a tree. Trust me, it's good stuff.

This is my life in verbs this Sunday night approaching Christmas:

Acknowledging - that I am in a grumpy mood. Now if I could just figure out why and kill it. Loved the recent episode of 30 Rock where Jack's character said he dealt with problems by crushing them with his mind-vise. Not healthy, not comprehensive, but attractive just the same when I'm fed up with wading in mire.

Congratulating - myself on getting Christmas cards ready to be mailed today. Sending them out adds a big item to the "to-do" list, but I enjoy the whole process. With the grumpy mood mentioned above, I didn't do a little greeting or letter to go with the card, but that's just as well. My bitchiness might have shown through and dampened someone's Yule.

Anticipating - a full week. Here's a run-down (you can sing this to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," if you're in the mood): a potluck at Kevin's office; visit to Santa; Christmas program practice; CCD; Moms' Group Christmas party; baking with friends; shopping for gifts; mailing the out-of-town stuff; attending the program; bidding a co-worker from Kevin's office good bye; celebrating friends' wedding anniversary; driving to the Speedway to see Christmas lights!

Falling - asleep. I gotta go crash. Monday mornings always seem to jolt me, so I better rest up.
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