Saturday, January 1, 2011


I can't relate to my friend Derryck's cynicism toward making resolutions or date-based goals.

I can't RESIST a date like 1/1/11 to try to conjure up something signficant. A first. A goal. A resolution. Whatever.

So here it is: I'm training for a marathon. December, 2011.

That oughtta keep me busy, huh?

Obviously, there is a lot more to this goal then a starting date - thanks to Layla for processing with me and being an inspiration. And to my sister-in-law - with whom I've had the "humans aren't meant to run 26 miles" conversation - we can do it!!!

Finally -- last night's festivities were magnificent. Friends, food, fun. I can't bring myself to post photos of other people and other people's children, but here's Kevin and me (thanks to photographer Michelle):
Happy New Year again - and come run with me!


Katie and Mark said...

I set my goals last night too. Including the goal to run a 5K and eventually a 10K! Yikes.

Blah Blah Blayla said...

2011, a great year to see what we're capable of! And right back at ya for being an inspiration to me too... in running, blogging, and life.