Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ready or Not...

... tomorrow is coming! First day back to school after two weeks off. And, really, if I'm honest, we've been on a "relaxed" schedule for about two months. I hope we can get back into our schoolwork without feeling like I got hit by a train at the end of the day.

A few things are helping me mentally prepare:
1) Prayer, and lots of it - my prayer and the prayer I've solicited from several friends.
2) Exercise - went for an easy run tonight with my four friends. Yes, we froze our gazooties off, but it was a good way to beat the Sunday-night-at-the-end-of-a-vacation blues.
3) Weights. As I did my arm weights upon returning from my run, I got out a little anxiety and agression. Not sure how that works, but it does.
4) I have a plan for fun when the schoolwork is done. Usually I struggle to come up with an activity we can do on schooldays, but thanks to Kristi and Katie - I've got a destination for tomorrow.
5) If I get too desperate in the midst of my day, I can turn to my iPhone. I now have 5,400 games of Words With Friends going - and I have to confess I like that little quasi-connection to people.

For a few minutes, snow fell in our neighborhood tonight. It was so pretty to look up and see the snowflakes coming down in the glow of the streetlight. I'm thankful my kids got to see it too.

Before I sleep tonight, I'm praying for all of you going back to regular routine tomorrow. May you find peace and joy this Monday!
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