Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Future Running Partner?

Who am I kidding? If Joe takes up running, he'll leave me in his dust. But that's okay, I'll be able to say, "I knew him when..."

Last night, Joe and I did a 3.7-mile walk around our "block". I put block in quotes because not everyone around my neighborhood agrees what a block is. My primary detractors in my definition of block are: Kevin, the Nalleys, the Mayers, and now the Kings. But I stand by my definition and our block is 3.7 miles around.

I'm proud of Joe (and myself) for walking just over 5K in the cold. It took us an hour. It is noteworthy that he wore his Crocs the whole way.  Someone buy that kid some proper shoes!

Favorite Joe quotes:
"Mom, you look like C-3PO." (I was walking with my elbows bent.)
"Ah, the sweet smell of pizza!" - as we passed a pizza place

He never complained, and never slowed. At the end he said, "I could've run that!" Say no more!

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