Monday, January 3, 2011

15 Things I Enjoy More Than Potty Training

1) Beets

2) Barfing

3) Paying bills

4) Crowds

5) Talking to a guy at my front door trying to sell oil changes

6) Gridlock on the I-15

7) Public Restrooms

8) Credit card debt

9) Falling into a cactus

10) Body odor

11) Barking dogs at three a.m.

12) Fighting with my husband

13) Funerals

14) Men in tights

15) Paper cuts

Am I making my point? I really don't want to do this. Neither does John -- he keeps telling me. Yet, I know if I delay much longer I will be the laughingstock of the Successful Moms Club. They already tease me over there...

Look at him. The little schnickelfritz.
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