Friday, January 14, 2011

A Resolution and a Challenge

Kevin signed me up for a free photography class at REI. I was very excited until the day of class came. Suddenly I had fears out of nowhere: What if no one else signed up and I'm all alone? What if it's only twenty-something single men? What if it's only forty-something moms?

I went. Me and my camera and the camera bag that makes me look like I know something about photography (which I don't - I owe it to my brother for telling Kevin and me exactly what to buy). I moseyed fake-confidently into the warehouse classroom and sat in my folding chair among about 25 other people of varying ages and genders. (Interestingly, there were only about seven women and it occurred to me what a female-centric life I lead. It was fun to be in a group of people discussing a topic removed from my usual daily life.)

Learning to use my camera and more about photography is one of my resolutions for this year. It ain't gonna come easy. Between aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and all the myriad of corresponding numbers and adjustments - I truly feel like I could study and practice and shoot five thousand photos a day and still not get very far before 2012.

I am kinda discouraged but I have two things keeping me going: 1) The profound wisdom from Mike Nalley that Kirsten shared with me recently: "Everything is hard until you learn how to do it." and 2) I know about myself that I shy away from things that are difficult. It is good and healthy and invigorating to tackle these difficult things!

Our instructor gave us his e-mail address and said he'd be happy to give us homework. As soon as I finish reading my owner's manual for my camera, I plan to e-mail him and see what kind of assignment he'll come up with.

Stay tuned for photos by Teri. Meanwhile, I wish you strength and success as you meet your own challenges this year.
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