Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monday Night -vs- Thursday Night

On Monday nights, we have survived the start of the week. Energy levels are high. Every dish is clean and in its place. Toys are picked up. Laundry is done and everyone has a fresh pile of undies in their dresser drawers. Meals have been planned and I even had the foresight to thaw something for dinner.

By Thursday night, I'm not sure I'll make it to Saturday without just the "teeniest little bit of crack cocaine."* The dishes are in a two-foot-tall pile leaning up and out of the sink. A dirty diaper sits on the stairway, and Nerf darts are poking out of the window blinds. More than one member of the family has no clean pants. Dinner choices include frozen fish sticks or pasta and meatless sauce.

Granted, I've been sick this week. But regardless, I always prefer Monday nights to Thursdays when it comes to energy level. There's a reason more people order pizza on Friday than Monday. It's not just to celebrate the weekend. The gosh-honest truth is that in households like mine, there isn't one clean dish or desire to cook left.

*Just kidding! Don't send the police to my house. I got this from an SNL shampoo commercial parody starring Kelly Ripa.
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