Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

I went bowling tonight at a charity tournament for "Water for People." It was a great cause and we hung out with fun people. But it was clear that I was surrounded by good bowlers, and I am NOT a good bowler. So I was a little nervous and started having a talk with myself as I walked up to take my turn the second or third time. "Drop the perfectionism. No one cares if you're a pro-bowler. Just have fun and a good attitude." And then I interjected: "Wouldn't it be funny if you gave yourself this talk about relaxing and enjoying the game and not worrying about your score or how bad you are and then you got a strike?" --- And then I got a strike. It was awesome.

Just found out an adopted friend put a few thousand dollars into a private investigator to find her birth parents and it worked! This would be more compelling information if I had a few thousand dollars. I often dare myself to write up one of those posters you see on Facebook where a person is searching for his or her birth parents. "My name is Lulabelle Frankenhort and I was born on May 22, 1984 in Des Moines, Iowa at Alpsview Hospital. Please share this post and help me find my birthparents! Even if one of them DOES need a kidney."

Montages make me cry. Doesn't matter the subject matter. You could create a montage on orthodontia and put it to the right music and I'd be sobbing. This may or may not have happened today at the end of our parish VBS.

Just for fun torture, I looked at a couple hundred properties for sale in the Seattle area on last night. There was one that called my name. It had a billion windows and an expansive deck and a writing room with a perfect space on the wall for a drawing of Charles Dickens. It was on an acre of land overlooking Puget Sound and it was so green and lush that it made my heart and my eyes and my soul ache to move there immediately. Then today I drove the mile to my church to hang out with about a dozen great people who know me and my kids and have for years and we laughed and cried and talked about ministry and family ... and I will never get out of Vegas.

My son and his team at Robotics Camp took third place in the camp competition today! I'm so proud! And so deliriously amused that life has led us to things like Robotics Camp!

Here I am today with my daughters and youngest son. I had so much fun with them and the other hundred kids at VBS this week - and especially with the church staff and volunteers who made the week happen.

Today in the midst of VBS, an appreciation luncheon, a photo shoot for a magazine(!), a charity bowling tournament, and a quick late-night Target run, I missed one of my favorite things: Free Slurpee Day at 7-11 on the occasion of 7-11! Darnit! Well, I hope someone out there had a pina colada Slurpee for me!

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