Monday, July 14, 2014


Looked into a freelance job. I have too many questions I can't seem to get answered.

Went to Barnes and Noble with my birthday gift card. The puzzle I was so excited to get was sold out.

Made chow mein from scratch. Didn't turn out great.

Made an a$$ of myself on eBay.

Am watching Kevin and friends load up flagstone. Should be helping but instead I'm complaining to you.

A fun trip we planned for a long time got canceled today. I was looking forward to music, old friends, cool birds, and a visit to a brand new coffee shop. Totally depressed.

No idea in the universe how I'm going to buy curriculum for three kids for next year.

A/C repairmen and pool repair guy both had to come today.

My sunburn hurts.

I kinda thought the birthday joy might last a little longer, but no.

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