Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Can Sum it All Up With Cabinet Knobs

It's the eve of my 44th birthday and I spent time today reflecting on the past year and considering goals and hopes for the next one. I totally "over-thunk" it and came up with three handwritten pages of highlights and disappointments, favorite events and lessons learned since last July 13th. It was - as the cool kids are saying - epic. 

My keen intuition tells me that not everyone wants to read all the contents of those three pages. So I spent additional time trying to encapsulate the 365-day period.

And this is what I came up with: Cabinet Knobs. 

We purchased and installed these during the time I was age 43. Cabinet knobs, like the days of my past year, are fun and colorful and sucked a bit of money out of our bank account. Many have meaning in their color and design that wouldn't be readily apparent to outsiders. I needed Kevin's help with cabinet knobs and my daily life alike, and the kids had a lot to do with the arrangement of both. Although plenty of friends visited my house, only a few noticed the new knobs and commented. In the same way, of the many friends who blessed my life this year, only a few really took time to listen and get to know me more truly. The cabinet knobs, like my days, have been artistic, creative, whimsical, and practical. They're like the days of my life in one more way, too - they are well-installed and should be around for a while, but they won't last forever.
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