Monday, July 21, 2014


How can you NOT overthink your purse selection? You carry it with you every time you go out! You better consider your options, and you better like the thing. Currently, I don't like mine and it is way past time to get a new one. Conveniently, I have some birthday money, so I am trying to find the perfect replacement for the old and inadequate thing I've been carrying around.

The purse pictured above (I took the photo to text to my friend the purse expert) was just the right size and style, but I didn't really want red. Or blue. Or yellow. Or brown, or black, or zebra, leopard, or plaid. I tried to like it. I set it on my shoulder and walked around the store, and when I'd pass a mirror, I'd take a look. It seemed fine. Nothing stellar but not ghastly, either.

There was a nice, soft green one, too, but it was ultra-casual, and once every 238 days - when I dress up - it wouldn't work. I liked a black and white striped one, but it was a shade too fancy and didn't have the straps I want. The bright blue looked like Easter egg dye. The pink screamed, "look at me! I need attention!" I love gray but there were only three gray options there tonight so that tells me I have missed the gray boat - it is no longer "in." Floral makes me think of ugly sofas. And what business does anyone have with a garish orange purse unless they're in the forest trying to not get shot? 

I don't want a huge flap on the front. I need a convenient place to stow my phone. I am dead-set against touting a designer too obviously (a small name plate is acceptable but I do NOT want to see any words or letters or symbols from a distance of more than two feet unless the designer pays ME to carry his or her product.) Ideally, my new handbag needs to be big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and lip gloss but small enough that it doesn't take five minutes to find my car keys. It should have an artistic air, but not scream Bohemia. Be smart but not pretentious, cool without trying too hard, fun but not flippant ... and able to show up for a serious interview over coffee, then get on the plane for a Pearl Jam concert. See what I mean? Am I asking too much?

I didn't get the red purse. It just didn't make me happy. I am not allowed to expect my husband, children, career, friends, or hobbies to make me happy, so doggone it - my purse has to do the job. I have a feeling I'll be shopping for a while.


Katie and Mark said...

LOL! I love this post!! I wish I had some great advice for you, but I don't. You know me-I don't overthink much. Maybe I don't think at all! Ha! Guess what my purses are? Hand-me-downs from my sister b/c my old purses were so ugly, old, and worn. Does that sound like me?!?

littlecbsmom said...

LOL too!!!
I am glad you kept shopping. I definitely see you with something more artistic. It looks like a cigarette pouch in front ;-)

Debbie Phipps said...

I am not much of a purse person, but I do agree that it seems to take way to long to find one. I sat in Kohls forever and even put my wallet, etc in the purses. It is important to find the right one, as you expect to have it till it falls apart - that's me at least.

I have no advice, except keep looking, you will find it. And if you need company, happy to tag along and hold our coffees while you browse!

Jenny said...

Marshall's. They're cheaper there (in cost, not quality) and that way if (or when) you screw up or it no longer makes you happy, you'll have money left over to go buy another. And another. And another.