Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poor Melon

What trait keeps me purchasing cantaloupe time after time when I always come home and leave the poor thing on my kitchen counter never to be sliced and eaten?

Unsubstantiated optimism?
Fear of knives?

I love cantaloupe. Yet I've killed two already in the past two weeks. My childhood cantaloupe-season memories are filled with images of the crescent-shaped slices my dad would place beside our breakfast bowls. So delicious! And I yearn for the ability to not only put one in my cart, pay for it, and take it home, but to actually cut it and eat it and share it with my family.


Blah Blah Blayla said...

As I read this, I too have a rotting melon on my countertop. I, too, share in mourning the loss of such great melons... why? wwwhhhhyyyy?

littlecbsmom said...

To funny! Mine almost rotted, noticed a spot and cut it up this morning! They are a pain to cut, let's face it, you have to do the whole thing at once then store it and it is just a big mess compared to washing an apple and handing it off! Of course, Brody is my melon boy so I have him to encourage me and BEG me to cut the melon so get one of your kids to love it! I actually don't :)

Amy said...

It's the same trait that causes me to buy a bag of broccoli at Costco and replace it, unopened and rotten, with a fresh one the next month! I hate myself!