Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had a heckuva to-do list today. And I crossed everything off. I have no good reason to blog today except to brag. Not sure posterity will care, but I do!

Woke up.


Got feverish John up and held him.

Made appointment with pediatrician.


Cleaned the kitchen for the first time.

Scheduled FOUR painter estimates for next week and coordinated with the realtor (amounting to roughly eight phone calls).

Scheduled FOUR children to see the dentist.

Made hair appointment and eyebrow appointment (overdue, as usual).

Answered e-mail.

Selected movie for 90-minute drive across town and back. The primary reason for the trip was to return a white serving bowl that belongs to a woman who left it here in FEBRUARY. It has been sitting on the top of my frig for over four months. Anyway...it got me out of the house without infecting others with John's germs, and the kids got to watch a movie.

Stopped by U-Haul to buy packing paper.

Served hot lunch. No one ate it. (Probably all the pretzels they got during the van movie.)

Cleaned the kitchen for the second time.


Talked to a couple friends on the phone. (I won't say who... but somebody I know is having a girl!!!)

Packed the coat closet.

Organized the laundry room and inventoried for packing.

Took John to pediatrician.

Dropped stuff off at Goodwill.

Came home and cooked fajitas. Everyone ate.

Cleaned the kitchen for the third time.

Got the kids to bed.

Went to Target for things I couldn't live without, including a pair of clearance-rack running shorts. They are bright green with a pink stripe down the sides. I am going to be a mean sight in those with my white legs, red running shoes, and maybe my "Die Trying" t-shirt.

Watched TV with the Kevster.

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