Friday, July 9, 2010

Packing Up the Gravy Boats

Packing to move is really a unique task. Rarely do you have such a chance to go through your belongings so thoroughly. I was reminded yesterday that I have three gravy boats. Three! No one but the pilgrims at their extra-long Thanksgiving table needs three gravy boats. But one is an heirloom, and two are extra-elegant, so three I will keep.

I've been trying my best not to pack things we might need in the remaining weeks we're here. When I packed up our master bedroom closet the other day, I intentionally left the humidifier out. Smart move, since John broke out with a croupy cough two nights ago. Sadly, I thoughtlessly packed my blue shoes that go with my blue skirt that I wanted to wear to church last Sunday. I wore my black sandals and hoped no one would notice.

You come across things that you would have no use for, ever - and you're then faced with a decision. Continue to store it in your valuable closet and cupboard space, or toss it. I came across our Peruvian Bread Warmer yesterday. Some family member gave it to us years ago - I'm sure it has survived at least three or four moves already, but I've never used it. Who would have a use for a Peruvian Bread Warmer? Peruvians, I suppose. But they must not have large families because I'm certain this thing wouldn't hold more than a third of a loaf. I tossed it.

It took two large boxes to pack up all of our board games. I tried to get rid of a few, but just couldn't. I'm far less attached to clothing. I donated more shirts last week than I have left in my closet.

Still to pack is the kitchen, which will be last-minute, and all the things which occupy the children: toys, craft supplies, Wii. They have to have something to do while I'm analyzing our belongings.
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