Friday, July 9, 2010

Packing Up the Gravy Boats

Packing to move is really a unique task. Rarely do you have such a chance to go through your belongings so thoroughly. I was reminded yesterday that I have three gravy boats. Three! No one but the pilgrims at their extra-long Thanksgiving table needs three gravy boats. But one is an heirloom, and two are extra-elegant, so three I will keep.

I've been trying my best not to pack things we might need in the remaining weeks we're here. When I packed up our master bedroom closet the other day, I intentionally left the humidifier out. Smart move, since John broke out with a croupy cough two nights ago. Sadly, I thoughtlessly packed my blue shoes that go with my blue skirt that I wanted to wear to church last Sunday. I wore my black sandals and hoped no one would notice.

You come across things that you would have no use for, ever - and you're then faced with a decision. Continue to store it in your valuable closet and cupboard space, or toss it. I came across our Peruvian Bread Warmer yesterday. Some family member gave it to us years ago - I'm sure it has survived at least three or four moves already, but I've never used it. Who would have a use for a Peruvian Bread Warmer? Peruvians, I suppose. But they must not have large families because I'm certain this thing wouldn't hold more than a third of a loaf. I tossed it.

It took two large boxes to pack up all of our board games. I tried to get rid of a few, but just couldn't. I'm far less attached to clothing. I donated more shirts last week than I have left in my closet.

Still to pack is the kitchen, which will be last-minute, and all the things which occupy the children: toys, craft supplies, Wii. They have to have something to do while I'm analyzing our belongings.


Andrea said...

It is interesting to go through everything and see what has been occupying all that space.

Wish you had told me about the Peruvian Bread Warmer though. We have totally been needing one but they are too expensive to buy. We have been making do with a regular tortilla warmer but it just doesn't cut the mustard. We have been wanting a Peruvian Bread Warmer for ages.

Just kidding. :) It was probably best to toss it LOL!

littlecbsmom said...

I have been cleaning house too, but not that detailed as in moving! I don't even have one gravy boat..should I? I feel like I need one or two now! Ohh..the pressure!

Rachel said...

I love it that we're both packing and moving at the same time. We just moved a year ago, and decluttered VERY thoroughly before moving across the country, so no three gravy boats here, but somehow I've already packed nine boxes of kitchen stuff I've decided we can live without for the next three weeks. Hmmm.