Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nervous & Anxious

Instead of worrying, we are to pray about everything. I'm praying a lot these house-buying days, but I'm still nervous and anxious. Both Kevin and I barely slept last night. We are supposed to get the keys to our new house today. I think I will cry if we don't, and I'm sure I'll cry if we do.

I got us out of the house to Target this morning. Bought some pool stuff for the kids (and some swimsuit cover-ups for me - I plan to start LIVING in those things).

Just talked to the realtor and she said the key handoff won't be before noon, but later this afternoon most likely.

There are drywall supplies in the back of our van, and painters and locksmiths and carpet measurers standing by. All I'm thinking about it pulling down chair rail and wallpaper border. Bring it on!
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