Thursday, July 29, 2010

Surrounded by Color ("After" Photos)

The painting is done!
Here are some before and after photos. The tile is a work in progress and the carpet should be installed tomorrow. Yes, I'm ecstatic.
front room before
front room after
front room before - notice those plaster flowers on the wall
front room after - no more plaster flowers
fireplace before - including chair rail
fireplace after - no more chair rail!
kitchen before - note the dog door on the left
kitchen - no dog door, and with "Fresh Thyme" paint
school room before - with gold paint and miles of wallpaper border - ick!
school room after - with Kevin-installed vinyl floor & NO wallpaper border
master bedroom with chair rail!
master bedroom - purple (actually "Magical Mauve") & no chair rail
master bathroom before - note the carpet
master bath after - "Plum Wine" & with tiling in progress, also note the toilet in the bathtub
girls' room before
girls' room after - there are also two pink walls
boys' room before - dark green
boys' room now a more suitable blue
my top fave "before" photo - the stairway - I really didn't like that color
SO much more my taste - LOVE the transformation

And there you have it! The paint. Now when I come home to our old house, I am aware what a different feel color gives to a home versus the white walls. Mind you, I would choose clean white walls over colors I detest, but I now know I much prefer color. It's so beautiful in there I can't wait to move in.
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