Monday, July 26, 2010

Living Today

I like today. Today I am excited about a new move and a beautiful new home. There are details galore, and a tiny bit of fear that it all won't happen in time and we'll have to scramble to rearrange our move time. But those details give me extra purpose in my day, and plenty to think about. So I'm enjoying today more than usual.

I'm notorious for dreaming about the future and commemorating the past. I love photo albums and special dates and lists of goals and daydreams about what my children will look like in ten years. But I think life is best lived today --- I'm just not that good at it. Except right now. I'm loving today and relishing all the anticipation and fun of putting together this huge moving project.

Today is a visit to the pool supply store and Sears to choose appliances. Today is taking my nieces' left-behinds to the post office. Today is choosing grout color and an alternative tile since our earlier choice isn't available for another week. Today is quick lunch and grocery shopping and calling my parents and friends for meals after the move. Today is kids playing together and watching Pink Panther and "The Muppets Take Manhattan" and going for another swim - the sixth in a row since we got the new house key. In fact, today is now mostly over. I packed more boxes, checked on the paint (both kids' rooms have their first coat), and made baked pasta for dinner.

Whether tomorrow brings successes or failures toward our upcoming move - or something totally unrelated, I hope I enjoy it and thank God for every second. And whether I dream or reminisce, I know I'll enjoy even that - but most of all the "now". It sure doesn't last very long.

And speaking of not lasting long, here's a photo unrelated to my post - but cute nonetheless and capturing John in his brief stint as a two year-old.
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