Monday, July 5, 2010

Photos of the Fourth

Is the Fourth of July really the Fourth of July without watermelon? Here's the mess I made with my big knives and two watermelons. I ixnayed the cutting board since the mess would have overflowed everywhere anyway.

As with the watermelon, so with the homemade ice cream.

Facepainting! Cayna originally requested a red, white, and blue mouse. Kevin steered her toward a star. John got the grand ol' flag.

We set up in the street and started lighting things on fire. It was quite a display.

John was a bit nervous about all the noise. I loved holding him.

Joe was cool.

We've never been hip enough to get the family-4th-of-July-matching shirts. We still aren't. But at eleven p.m. on the 3rd, I remembered that weeks before, Joe had sweetly requested a "Fourth of July shirt". Kev made it happen with a late-night run to trusty WalMart.

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