Thursday, July 22, 2010


There's something to be said for manual labor once in a while. At least I sleep really well when I work!

Woke up at 5:30 knowing I wouldn't go back to sleep. With a pool fence installer, a painter, a floor measurer and a locksmith due at the new house within hours, I showered and dressed ridiculously earlier than normal.

Now, many many many hours later - I am proud of all we accomplished today. I'd post a photo, but I left the camera at the house.

The two highlights were scraping plaster frou-frou decor off an entire wall in the living room and wallpaper off the exceptionally high bathroom ceiling. Do you know very many people who put wallpaper border on a ceiling? I don't.

Last night, Angie and Kristi were my heroes for joining me in wallpaper scraping and chair rail demolition.

Bright and early tomorrow morning, a professional painter and his crew will start the home makeover. I can't wait!!! It seems wondrous we'll have a house that will be so much our taste.

I'm listing the paint colors we've chosen - see if you can guess which room any of the following colors will paint.

Bunny Tail
Alaskan Skies
Magical Mauve
Midnight Garden
Rustic Taupe
Bachelor Blue
Plum Wine
Red Red Wine
Fresh Thyme
Frosted Garden
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