Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Dentists and Churros

I'd like to meet the mom who lacks a guilty conscience and buys her kids churros at Costco moments after leaving the dentist's office. I am not that mom.

All four kids had appointments with their FABULOUS dentist this morning. Four sets of x-rays; four cleanings, four exams - plus visits to the treasure chest and trying out the new games in the waiting room. All that and we were back in our car in one hour flat. (From there we sped to Costco for a few items and I couldn't bring myself to buy them their semi-usual churro. Likely the flouride hadn't even dried on their teeth!)

Joe has one small cavity, Cayna four. At least they're tiny and all on baby teeth. So we'll go back another day for fillings and coatings. AND Cayna has a referral to see an orthodontist.

Orthodontia indicates we've moved to Level Three of Parenting Challenges.

Level One: sleepless nights; diaper rash; teething; ear infections; potty training

Level Two: no more training wheels; first day of school; "Where do babies come from?"

Level Three: body odor; orthodontia; eye-rolling; video game addiction

Level Four: cell phones and networking websites; full-on puberty

(Levels Five through Seven are foggier for me, as I have not parented in these Levels. I have, however, lived them - so I'm anticipating the following:)

Level Five: driver's license; boyfriends/girlfriends; parents suck

Level Six: SAT/ACT; college applications; empty nest

Level Seven: career choice; spouse choice; being in-lawed

There you have it! We're in a new level. Maybe there is a way I can operate here and remain uninformed about the financial requirements. As it seems that Cayna has inherited her father's funky dental issues, we are in for a LOT of work. No matter, I guess. I'd rather hang out here in Level Three for a while. Level Four makes me nervous.
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