Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bug Fear Post #220

I've been living in a bug-free euphoria in our new house.

When we first moved in, there was an annoying colony of ants trying to share the kitchen with us, but a couple extra visits from my friendly professional exterminator and that was dealt with.

NO scorpions at this new address. NO earwigs or spiders or other creepy crawlies. I've wondered how long the bliss could last.

Friendly Mr. Bug Guy sprayed recently and there were literally MILLIONS of dead roaches of all ages littering our porches front and back. Literally. Millions. (Do you ever wonder if people understand the use of the word "literally"?) At least there were dozens. My neighbor, who (whom? really, I have no business calling myself a writer) I whined to, assured me that roaches are a sign of a good ecosystem. I do not care to have a good ecosystem in that case.

Anyway -- the whole point of this post is to express my fear that my bug-free world is about to come to a sad end. The weather is nice, and my carefree husband likes to OPEN THE WINDOWS to let in the fresh, cool air. What he does not seem to consider is that he also lets in all the creatures of the outdoors. Now, granted, we live in the city, so it's not like an opossum is going to let itself in (although I know from sneaking a peek on Kev's facebook that this ACTUALLY happened to a friend of mine in Fresno. Well, it didn't sneak in the house -- but it was quite comfortable in her backyard) but I remain afraid of scorpions and large striped roaches of the variety I've seen dead on the ground. The ones that will sneak in my window are the ones that escaped the ground poison and will now come to seek their revenge on ME for killing all their relatives.

I think we can all see from this writing that I have an overactive imagination. We can also see that I likely need some sleep... I'm just scared to go into the open-windowed bedroom for fear of what is waiting on the wall.
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