Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Tooth!

I like that we celebrate the arrival of teeth and their departure. Lots of attention we give teeth.

Bethanie tried to pry the lid off the toasted pumpkin seeds with her teeth a couple weeks ago. There was much pain, bleeding, and crying. She had yanked her bottom tooth very loose. Once the drama ebbed away, she was sooooo proud. She would show anyone who would look, and often asked me sweetly to tell perfect strangers. More than one grocery checker in our neighborhood got a look-see into Bethanie's mouth.

With all of her interest in making the event a community one, it is fitting that the tooth fell out at choir practice, with several of our close friends around.

The tooth fairy, having no scruples about more sugar this close to Halloween left chocolate coins and bills under Bethie's pillow. Plus a little Cinderella playset thing that is apparently a "first tooth" tradition started by big sis. (Tooth fairy also has no scruples about more gifts this close to Christmas.)

Bethanie is happy as can be, now showing off her "gap" to anyone who will look. Standing at the Kohl's counter the other day, I refused to tell the minorly grouchy saleslady about Bethanie's lost tooth, despite the tiny tug at the hem of my jacket. She was so sad I have promised myself to shout it from the rooftops whenever she asks from here on out. I should celebrate it. She probably won't be this enthusiastic about the other coming-of-age milestones in her future. ("Mom! Tell that lady I just started using deodorant!")

Little Bethanie - I'm so proud of you and your beautiful smile.
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