Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gambling! World Class Restaurants! Pony Farm!

Las Vegas really does have it all.

Good weather: It's November and we're not even sure whether the weather warrants long sleeves.

Good food: Top chefs, five stars, sensational venues.

Gaming and entertainment: Poker and roulette and any other way you choose to lose your money, plus comedy, magic, dancing, singing.

Pony farms: The J.R. Pony Farm. What a surprise to find a farm only minutes from the Meadows Mall. My kids had a blast, learned a lot, and the people were very nice and good at talking to kids.

Cowgirl Bethanie on a pony just her size
Cayna Cowgirl
Johnny tries out pony riding. Photo credit: Andrea of Las Vegas Mama
Joe receiving special instruction for a Cub Scout achievement
Bethanie feeding sheep
Had to add a photo of a llama. They're so weird.


Katie and Mark said...

Woohoo! Sounds like another amazing place to visit! I guess all have to wait until my next Tuesday off (December 21st), or I'll have to "convince" my kiddos to ditch. ;)

I love when you post these types of things on your blog. There's nothing better then bouncing ideas off other Mother's! Thanks-

littlecbsmom said...

OOHHH....I SO want to come to Vegas one day!

Bryan was just there for 3 days, but for a boring conference. I should of come with him...and gone to some fun places with you!

Maybe next time!