Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween! Here's Your Orange.

It was my turn to bring the snack to Cayna's soccer game on Saturday. I had the noble idea to bring oranges instead of, say, chocolate Teddy Grahams, since Halloween was the next day and I figured all the kids would be getting enough sweets. I guess I also figured all the parents would personally thank me for saving their kids' teeth and casually praise me for my thoughtfulness. Didn't happen. And oranges are $1.29 a pound at my grocer, which comes out to be a tad more expensive than Teddy Grahams.

At distribution time, each kid got their orange. They only looked at me slightly funny. Not one parent patted me on the back or gave me a high five for sparing them a higher dental bill.

Bethanie's team finished playing and SHE received not one, but two BAGS of candy.

I was defeated. On the walk to the car, Kevin said I shoulda drawn jack o' lantern faces on the oranges. At least that would have been more festive, if I was going to deprive the little athletes of their candy.

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