Friday, November 12, 2010

"Sin City's Past" Museum

There is a very nice, big, indoor/outdoor (mostly outdoor) museum in Las Vegas. It is called the "Clark County Heritage" museum. I am glad the museum namers went with this name, rather than "Sin City's Past" museum. It sounds more reputable.

Las Vegas may be a hard sell for Christian country folk from, say, anywhere else - but there is a lot to like about this area, and it IS interesting.

My four offspring (two of them native Las Vegans) and I visited the museum for about the fifth time the other day. It does have the requisite Vegas stuff:

Slot machines-


And wedding chapels (this actual chapel was moved to the museum site fairly recently)-

Such highlights as these make the museum experience very Vegas-y. But, like the reporter-at-heart that I am, I'm only giving you the most sensational examples of the exhibits. In reality, there is much more to be seen on the museum grounds - covering the history of our city including Native American background, pioneering, mining, ranching, dam-building and tourism.  (And mafia, but that's getting back to the more sensational stuff.)

If you are in the area, or if you visit, I heartily recommend this museum. It is comprehensive, unique, diverse, and just plain fun.

In closing, let me show you a photo I took of the very first thing a visitor sees upon entering the indoor exhibits:
Sweet and cuddly, right? It's a father wolf defending his two pups. (The two pups are barely visible in the lower right corner of the photo. They are smaller, only slightly-less ferocious versions of their father.)

In an effort to be transparent, let me share with you the quote from my three year-old when he looked up at this wolf: "He looks like you, Mommy!"

Sheesh. I know I can be grouchy. And I do tend to yell a lot. But I didn't know I ever let my fangs show!
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