Friday, November 5, 2010

Painter Me

One of this house's previous owners did a LOT of decorative plaster work. I put much effort into removing some of it, but plenty remains on the walls.

I kinda liked the design above the front door and decided to paint it. Like many other things in many of the houses I've lived in, I probably wouldn't have put it there myself, but I don't hate it enough to get rid of it.

Here is what it looked like right after I started painting some of the leaves:

I think the relief without contrasting color was alright as it was, so if I end up hating the paint, I can always cover it again with good ol' "Rustic Taupe".

Here's the finished project, including a close-up:
At first I didn't like the white parts, but now the white is growing on me. All together, I probably spent almost five hours on this. Kevin sat on the couch reading or watching TV and calling me Michelangelo.

Time will tell if I'll like it or cover it again with the main wall color. It was kinda fun, though.

Next project?


Katie and Mark said...

I like it. :) 5 hours. That's dedication. That would be enough incentive for me to leave it there-no matter how I felt about it LOL

Maryann said...

Wow Teri I am impressed you did a spectacular job on that. Great fine detail work. Good Job.

Dame Judi said...

Delighted to have found you. If I hadn't read beyond your 'who am I' heading, it would have been worth the trip!

Thanks for the treat that is you and your life!

heathorock said...

I really like it. Is it growing on you more?
Next project? Fly Allegiant Air towards Heather's house to help glaze the blue paint downstairs (OR repaint same color in semi-gloss). What crazies thought they'd be okay without taking care of the paint situation were fooling themselves.
I think I really need a paint partner again...