Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

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Thanks to Jennifer for helping me out with this "posting every day" idea. And to her guest host - I gotta love a girl who has an NFP link on her home page. Here are my very own Quick Takes for today:

1) My neighbor's always-half-naked pre-schooler has a penchant for war-cries in his backyard just before seven a.m. almost every weekday. I heard him this morning. And though I always admire those country homes situated on acres and acres of rolling hills with barely a neighbor in sight, I wouldn't want such a home. I like my close-quarters suburban spot. I don't even mind early morning hammering, dogs barking, or lawn-edging. All of those noises remind me that I'm not alone. I mean, you know, the Holy Spirit reminds me, too - but his job is a little harder since he has to be heard over the neighbor kid.

2) On my list of things to do this weekend: reruns. Or maybe you call them rewatches. Whichever. I want to rewatch "Dead Poet's Society," and "Shawshank Redemption." I need to hear all those great quotes in their context! And, heck, let's be honest: I've been sick all week - I need an excuse to sit in front of my TV for four hours! (After the kids go to bed, that is. Lest you think I expose my children to Robin Williams when they're still so tender.)

3) This week, with five of us battling head-colds one after the other, was not challenging enough. I have scheduled a biopsy on my neck for next week (yes, another one! - not another neck - another biopsy... I had one in June and it was so fun I'm going back) followed by two molar extractions for my eleven year-old. Tooth fairy still visits him, what do I get for undergoing the biopsy?

4) Today I saw the words "Pumpkin-Spice Latte," in an email and now I know Fall must be close. I would really like a pumpkin-spice latte. Perhaps the biopsy fairy will bring me one? I think she will.

5) My soon-to-turn-five year-old, John, recently announced the theme he'd like for his birthday party. The theme is: toilet paper. We have friends who recently had a Mary birthday party for their daughter. As in, Mary, Mother of God. These same friends say that their daughter wants to marry John. I'm not sure they'll think it's such a good match if we compare the desired birthday party themes.

6) Week 3 of this homeschooling year is now behind us. My observation this week - It is a cruel joke that although I was so poor in math, and so exultant to have finished my education, never to have another math problem to worry over - I am now educating four children at home and math takes more time than any other subject. Folks, I may have to learn decimals and percents after all. Dang it.

7) Picture of the week, and further evidence of Fall approaching:


Blah Blah Blayla said...

Way to get a head start on Friday...timestamp 12:08am! Love this list... too funny! Here's hoping the H.S. is heard, Robin Williams is adored, the biopsy fairy arrives with the tasty pumpkin-spice latte's galore (but no bad news!), that little John continues to think outside the box, and YES, that fall is coming soon! =)

Anne @WhateverWorksMom said...

LOVE #5! Toilet paper... did he elaborate? Maybe he wants to make toilet paper crafts and wrap all of his guests like mummies?

Las Vegas Mama said...

Ha! Well, to be fair the 5 year old had the Mary party and its the 3 year old that wants to marry John ;)

Re: point number 6- That is irony isn't it. Cruel, cruel irony!