Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spacewalks and Hang-Gliding

For reasons only a professional therapist can explain, the above scene is what often pops into my brain when I consider my homeschooling experience. Maybe it's the adventure. Perhaps the otherworldliness or the loneliness. With all those comparisons, it's hard to think of what differentiates space walking from homeschooling. Maybe the biggie is that I don't have to fear getting hit in the face by micrometeoroids traveling at up to 27,000 kilometers per hour, whereas astronauts do.

If I was to consult that therapist, perhaps she could also provide some insight into why I chose this little guy as my homeschool mascot:
Yes, Hang Gliding Smurf has adorned my desk shelf since my first year of homeschooling. He symbolizes the action-packed, daredevil nature of my decision to homeschool. Maybe you don't see it. Maybe you're happy to adorn your desk with a traditional apple. I'm not against the apple. But for whatever reason the risk and wackiness displayed by Hang Gliding Smurf are more appealing. As is my decision to educate my kids at home.
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