Thursday, September 6, 2012

Magic Desert

I am not one of those people who think the desert is ugly or horrible. It's not that I particularly like high temperatures, but I've learned how to survive through the summer months with good air conditioning and a swimming pool. I also truly enjoy the unique beauty of the desert - especially its mountains and plants - and creosote after the rain.

Plus! Plus, there aren't a lot of other places where rivers appear and disappear like magic! Yesterday afternoon a tempestuous thunder storm rolled over us with a roar. Afterward, we went to Pittman Wash with my dad to behold the brand new and temporary river.
I've run that asphalt trail along the wash numerous times, but never when it was a riverfront route. Usually it looks like it did today, when we went back to the same spot to see.
So - as the hand is quicker than the eye, let's see that again. Now you see it:
Now you don't:
Magic! Now why would you want to live anywhere else? Well, except for Colorado. Or Pennsylvania. Or the English countryside. Every place has its charm - and its magic. I'll relish our magic while I'm here.


Blah Blah Blayla said...

"as the hand is quicker than the eye, let's see that again." too funny! I'm a reformed desert hater =)

Rachel said...

I love the terms geologists use for that, they call it an ephemeral stream. Isn't that a great word? I work it into conversations whenever I can, which admittedly isn't often, but see, I just did it right now:)