Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sacred Heart Home School

Joe has the task of producing a yearbook for our homeschool. This has made me realize a few things we're lacking, such as a school name, colors, and fundraisers to pay for things like yearbooks!

In the recent past, I've brought up the idea of naming our school, but no one was super enthusiastic about it. I was hoping that one of the other five members of my family would make a prayerful decision, announce it, and we would all bask in the obvious glory of the revelation. Well, no one really got into it, so I prayed about it and was struck by an obvious answer - the Sacred Heart of Jesus! This is only obvious to me because in May, one of the resolutions I made at my yearly silent retreat (at the Sacred Heart Retreat House, no less) was to try to increase our family devotion to the Sacred Heart. We had already had a priest come to our home to perform an enthronement of the Sacred Heart at this point - so I believe maybe I was just hearing God's call to "step up" our understanding and devotion. Voila! Name our school! Put an image in the school room! Choose some symbolic colors to pull it all together and now we can bask in the obvious glory of God's revelation!

Here are some photos of one of the statues at the Retreat House, along with the promises attached to the devotion. There's nothing on there about paying for yearbooks, but I'm really looking forward to the much bigger and better graces associated with a stronger devotion to Jesus. Now, anyone want to design a logo and embroider some school shirts?

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