Thursday, September 20, 2012

How many sleeps?

John woke up this morning and made the peace sign with the two first fingers of his right hand. I asked why he was doing that and Bethanie chimed in, "He's saying two sleeps til his birthday."

Just now I went to shut his bedroom door. I paused just for a moment and heard him take a deep, sleepy breath. My heart melted. Only two more nights of being four.

Earlier this evening I got a schedule for the junior high youth group at our church. Joe will go to his first meeting soon. As I typed it into my calendar, I felt dizzy with disbelief.

Two more sleeps til my youngest turns five.
Three more sleeps til I take my oldest to junior high youth group.
How many sleeps til high school? Driver's license? College?

It's not so many sleeps since I didn't sleep much because they were all newborns.

As I go to sleep tonight, I'll be thankful for all these various countdown sleeps. And for the zillion moments that have brought us to this night. It won't last very long. And then tomorrow comes.
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