Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Smarter with Homeschooling

I can't believe this, but we only have nine weeks left of our first year homeschooling!

By early May, I will have a FOURTH grader, a SECOND grader, and a KINDERGARTENER!!! Holy cow!

Since re-enrollment paperwork has already arrived for the school Joe and Cayna were in this year, I started really thinking and praying about next year. First of all, it's significant in itself that we are planning to continue this for another year! But that comes with a truckload of decisions, the main one being what curriculum and materials we will use for next year.

I have liked the stuff we used this year. But "liked" is different from being in love with it. And, as I consider other options, I have realized that I've grown in confidence over the past year. I'm leaning toward choosing a curriculum company that is just that - a company - not a school. No accreditation, no formal record-keeping, no consultant. But I've proved that I can stay on task (yes, I was worried about getting too "laid back" about the kids' work - but it hasn't been a problem), so I think I might do fine without the accountability I was willing to pay for this past year. And I have gained enough insight into my kids' dispositions and learning styles (and needs) that I can wisely "pick and choose" a few things from different publishers/curriculum companies.

So there you have it. Not only have I witnessed my children's learning - but my own as well! Bring it on, 2010-2011 school year! (My-oh-my!)
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