Friday, February 26, 2010

Running Ready (Updated!)

I'm going out there to run 7 miles this weekend. (I should be able to accomplish that in a 48-hour period, right?) Truthfully, I'd like to do it a bit faster than 48 hours. That's my problem, speed. And I'm the first half of our relay team!

Kevin has been editing the i-Pod, so I won't have to listen to Fergalicious ever again (praise the Lord!) I won't incriminate the friend who recommended that as a running song in the first place. And I have the great idea to leave home and just run downhill all 7 miles and then call Kevin to pick me up. Probably could use the hill training, though. Darnit.

Guess where Kevin is right now! Running! For the first time since his last stint as a runner which brought on nasty hip problems which he had a lot of good p.t. to remedy.

So here is a list of my hopes this Friday night: (Updated in italics on Monday)
1) That Kevin will run smooth, stay injury-free, and get back into running. There are rumors in our house of doing a marathon together. (He thinks it's dumb to train for a half when you can do a full in about the same time. Oh, sure, Kev. Me, too.)
He did run smooth and stayed injury-free. I've yet to hear from him when he's going again.

2) That I will run my 7 miles in just over an hour. Maybe if I do the downhill plan.
It was over an hour. I'm not telling just how long over an hour. Too long. Lots of hills, let's blame those.

3) That it won't rain (as it is forecasted to) so much that I can't traverse the puddles.
It didn't rain, but it was damp. No puddles, just the wonderful smell of creosote.

4) That I will find some shiny new, faster shoes tomorrow. For the record, I'm off Brooks and pledging my loyalty to Asics anew.
Mizunos are my new shoes! Asics won the silver, and Brooks didn't even make the platform.
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