Friday, February 5, 2010

Walgreens is my enemy

I've been coughing. A lot. Maybe it's because I took up smoking to help with giving up sugar. JUST KIDDING! I've been sick, and Kevin begged me to go buy some cough medicine the other night.

Moseyed over to Walgreens and reviewed the giant section of cough remedies. Of the ninety-four thousand brands of cough medicine available, I probably read the labels of two dozen. Call me nitpicky (and I'm okay with that), but I wanted to try to find some brand with no sugar and no aspartame. Spare me the lecture on what small amounts would be in a dose. It's the principle of the thing, ya know??? Finally settled on a box of Walgreens-brand cough medicine DM.

Made my way to the cashier, and in my heightened state of sugar-awareness realized that the entire check-out aisle was covered with sugar-laden products. Has it ALWAYS been that way? I guess, now that I think of it, I've never seen broccoli florets for sale there. Mr. Customer ahead of me finished purchasing his tobacco and it was my turn. As I stood there, Ms. Cashier gave me a scripted verbal advertisement for some new Milky Way bar!!! You have GOT to be kidding me. She went on and on (it seemed to my irrational sugar-free brain) using adjectives like "scrumptious" "chocolatey" "heavenly" and "delight". Luckily, my brain heard "rage-inducing" "deadly" "fattening" and "addictive". I told her, "No sugar for me."

Ms. Cashier looked up and told me the price of my one little box of 4-hour cough relief was EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!!! I remember the NyQuil was seven, and I thought that was pricey. Frustrated and confused, and afraid the Milky Way monster might make its way over the counter and engulf me - I said, "Eighteen dollars? No, thanks." And walked out.
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