Thursday, February 4, 2010

A New Kind Of Valentine's Party

In celebration of my last name, I volunteered to host the Catholic homeschool group's Valentine's party.

Valentine's party says to me: cards! candy! games!

But in a giant Catholic homeschool group, this is what it's shaping up to be:

Mass, said by a favorite Priest of the group (also a favorite Priest of mine - he's the one who said I "look Irish".) Yes, Mass. In my house. I need to do a little research on this, but I think I oughtta at least Lemon Pledge the dining room table because I have a feeling it will be serving as the altar.

A massive card exchange. There might be around 60 children attending. Wowza. I see backyard cleanup and furniture rearranging in my weekend plans. Plus a whole lot of Valentine card prep.

Games I never thought of as a Protestant: pin the Sacred Heart on Jesus and pin the Immaculate Heart on Mary. I laughed as I asked my neighbor, "Are you SURE this is okay?" She laughed back and said she was sure it was as long as we weren't REMOVING the vital organs from Jesus and Mary! So there you go. This promises to be a fun experience.
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