Friday, February 5, 2010

This Is Not A Nice Day

1)I have two aunts in the hospital.

2)Going without sugar hasn't turned me into the instant Julie Andrews I was hoping for. I'm still feeling like Oscar the Grouch. That guy lives in a trash can, people! If I'm going to feel grouchy no matter what, I might as well eat a dozen or two fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies every day.

3)We have houseguests for the next five nights. NET is here again for three and then my famous mother-in-law and her sister for two. Generally this is okay, but it means the kids wake up earlier.

4)Cleaned three bathrooms. Didn't get to mopping the floor.

5)I can't figure out Joe's NY Giants pillowcase so I can't sew it yet.

6)We've had a couple big changes at our parish and they're really getting me down. Not enough to long for the "old way" of handling things in churches past, but down just the same. Like shedding tears down. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie down.

7)No, I haven't had any cookies. Not a one. I found out today that Ellen DeGeneres is quitting sugar, too. Apparently just earlier this week. Maybe this would all be more glamorous if I had the whole nation watching, and not just the faithful few who read my blog. Or maybe that would be a tad too much pressure. And I'd have to hunker down in my closet away from my skinny lesbian wife to sneak something from my secret stash of Snickers bars. I suppose I'll stick with my own life. Even on a not so nice day like today.
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