Wednesday, February 17, 2010

News to me from Vancouver

I had no idea what the biathlon was! Who ever heard of skiing like mad and then shooting at something? Not me! Once I quit laughing about it, I tried to watch with appreciation for the extreme cardiovascular effort followed so immediately by having to take precise aim and shoot. But really, it's a new world to know that such an event exists. I bet I could come up with something equally as odd given some free time and one of my loopy moods.

Snowboarding has been my favorite sport to watch since it was invented (by someone with free time and a loopy mood). I admire the skill and coordination it takes to ride an oversized skateboard deck down a slippery slope. Plus, they have cool hats, hairstyles, and, if you watched any interviews or medal ceremonies up close -- freakishly straight teeth!

Moguls! Man, those moguls! Can you say "knee surgery"? Truly, though - those men and women are studs (and yes I know the definition of "stud" makes it incorrect when describing a woman-- but, still...). If I was in Vancouver, I would be seeking the autographs of all the mogul skiers. Also, the names of their massage therapists.

I haven't caught any curling. I think it might be banned in our house since Kevin makes fun of it so frequently. Honestly, I don't know anything about it other than the short blurb the Today show aired with one of their correspondents trying it out. What is that thing called? The puck thing? It looks like a Roomba - one of those robot vacuums.

As Olympic coverage continues, our DVR is smokin'! And I'm learning new things about the world of athleticism. From my couch.


Laura said...

I was thinking the SAME thing about the skiing/shooting....never seen that before but apparently it's been a sport for years and years according to Josh. How about the pregnant Olympian??? Teri you should blog about her next :) As always love your posts and the smiles your words bring to my face :)

littlecbsmom said...

Great post and thanks for the insight into the world of the far it is my only glimpse at all! Pathetic I know...I always plan to watch them but never do. Now, I know what I am missing! I had no idea I could learn so much great stuff. Luckily I have your blog. Please do post about the pregnant one, sounds interesting:)

Diva Mom Vicki said...

You MUST sit down with Kevin one evening and watch curling. During the last Olympics Dan and I watched late one night, with the intention of making fun of 'the sport with brooms'. An hour later we were still glued to the tube and Googling 'curling' to learn the rules. It's a very strategic game - similar to pool... only with brooms instead of cue sticks!

Kristin said...

Rocks. They are rocks in curling. As well, the team with the triangle next to their name and visual of the rocks has "the hammer", which is the last shot of that end.