Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sewing My Friend's Disco Pants

You know, when the night before Halloween rolls around, and you find yourself doing all the usual things: candy shopping, pumpkin carving, stocking up on insulin... you might want a break from the usual -- so you volunteer to sew your friend's disco pants. That's what I did. My husband asked me why. Another friend asked me why. Let's just say I was in the mood for something a little unique on this October 30th.

So I went to her house and set up my sewing machine on her dining room table. We had to hem six inches off these glitter-y zebra-y fancy flouncy pants in time for the limo to whisk her away for a party on the other side of town.

I felt like a real seamstress for about half an hour. I completed one pantleg more proficiently than I expected and started in on the second. At this point, everything went horribly awry.

Somehow I sewed the entire thing wrongside out, completing two long seams and two short ones before my customer discovered it. It was now 3:45 and I was late for a scheduled pumpkin carving at my home involving another family. My "customer" needed to shower, apply glittery eye shadow, and get ready for the babysitter. So I packed up the machine and the pants and headed home to seam rip my heart out with a promise to deliver the correctly-sewn pants by 5:45.

While the kids and the parents who DIDN'T take on last-minute sewing projects carved their pumpkins - I ripped out seams from the psychedelic fabric and re-sewed the hem properly. I was quite stressed out as I didn't want my friend to have to ride in a limo cross-town with no pants on. I would have felt responsible.

By 5:05, the pants were six inches shorter and looking groovy. I asked a nearby pumpkin-carver to take a shot of me with the pants. Now all was right in the world and I did my part to ensure a happy Halloween.
Little John, inept seamstress Teri, and Cherize's fabulous pants!


heathorock said...

impressed even with the initial blunder and missing out on other scheduled halloween activities.
i, for one, would have been SO HAPPY to not have to drive halfway across town pantless.
plus disco, go ABBA!

Andrea said...

wow! i have yet to master sewing pants!!