Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because when you run... are strong. are clear-headed. meet great people. sweat. Not much else in your padded little life makes you sweat. overcome. keep healthy. And make your heart smile. combat stress and anxiety and anger and grief. face the cougars. see things non-runners miss.

...people cheer for you. Strangers even. Where else do you get cheered for? can race. And when you race, there's a finish line. have a hobby. can damn well have that "Teri-Love-sized" bowl of ice cream afterward.'s a beautiful day.

Here's to James Helfrich and Rachel Helfrich and Rhonda Marshall and Kevin Love and Maureen from HCA Architects and Dave & Julie Hansen and Magan Harper and Barry Diehl and Karen Richardson and Amy Wilhite and Melissa Ficklin and Merrilee Peterson and Rob Dixon and Layla Hanash and Runner's World Magazine. My running partners and running inspiration from 1992 until now, kinda in order. Not counting the various musical artists, living and dead, who keep me going.
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