Friday, April 24, 2009

Breakfast with a Storm Trooper

Who else would a four year-old girl elect to keep her company over a bowl of cereal?

On Fridays, what housewife can be expected to have every family member's drawers stocked with clean underwear? Not this one! One of our children went to school commando today. He wasn't ashamed, so neither am I.

Cayna lost her front tooth! During a picnic at the park while eating a popsicle, so it is wondrous it wasn't lost. Sweet little Gappy.

Just-turned 19 months-old John lounging on the couch. Look closely... he's hiding under a pillow.

Yesterday I said I like pictures of my accomplishments. Here you see a floor tile. Notable because it's clean. Twenty-four hours ago, it had splashes of Cran-Grape juice, crusty milk spill, dust, and other assorted crud all over it. Last night I mopped and it remains clean to this day. Twenty-four hours from now it likely will be dirty again, so let's just enjoy the magic while we can, shall we?

What's that? You say my grout is dirty? Have you no mercy? (Just talking to myself.)
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